Cliff House Hotel

The Cliff House Hotel is a five-star, privately owned luxury hotel located close to Cork and Waterford. The building seems to cling to a cliff on the south side of Ardmore Bay where there has long been a fishing village, and a Christian settlement that pre-dates St. Patrick. 

The North Pavilion meeting room at The Cliff House Hotel is elegant in its simplicity. It has three walls of floor-to-ceiling glass, two of which look towards the cliffs and serene waters of Ardmore Bay.  The South Pavilion meeting room on the other hand, is positioned more discreetly, so meetings can be conducted in utmost privacy and away from other guests. 

The property is considered one of the best venues in the area for a corporate meetings or events.  The hotel has a strong history of high profile but discreet gatherings, including exclusive use for weddings and team-building events.