Corporate Activity Days & Team Building

Corporate Activity Days are extremely useful tools for boosting morale and team building. They provide a platform for attendees to escape from the shackles of everyday life and let loose.

Picture this, you’re strapped into a Rage Buggy and then you hear the engines roar. Your heart pounds and ‘you’re off’ whizzing around at up to 40 mph. Looking for something less strenuous? Human Table Football will leave you helpless with laughter as your team ‘kick off’ – literally! No diving in this game though – you can’t…you’re strapped to a bar!

Republic of Experience Corporate Activity Days and Team Building Challenges are centred on energising attendees. They utilise fun and often entertaining tasks to achieve the objectives you set out. While they can vary in style, they all primarily focus on promoting planning, communication and teamwork. We know how to get everybody moving in the same direction with a smile.

From the exhilarating to the hilarious, Republic of Experience can offer any kind of day you desire! Come rain, hail or snow – our events will go ahead. You simply bring the people, and we will look after the rest. We specialise in creating a one of a kind experience filled with lasting memories.


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