Corporate Hospitality & Incentive Travel

Corporate Hospitality & Incentive Travel Packages are a vital component of modern business relationships. Companies are now seeing the clear return on investment such entertainment bundles can have.

Fancy a trip to the Aviva? Prefer to head to Cheltenham or Wimbledon? Or perhaps, something more exotic and further afield is what you’re looking for? We cover it all from wine tasting in France all the way to camel riding in the Jordan Desert. We even go as far as Snowmobiles, Ski-dos and Reindeer Riding for the Winter Olympics Incentive in Lapland. Whatever the event, we believe in working with you to create imaginative and customisable packages. Rest assured, your trip will be an unforgettable one.

For clients, Corporate Hospitality can offer an effective way to acquire new and maintain existing business. For staff, Incentive Travel can offer an effective mechanism for energising employees and attracting top talent. For any of this to work however, you need to have proper packages in place. That’s why you come to Republic of Experience …. The experts.

Republic of Experience brings a touch of class, style and panache to all your corporate hospitality and travel events. We never forget that this is your chance to impress. We understand the importance of treating your guests well, and making them all feel valued. Our hospitality specialists take pride in creating unique tailored experiences at home and abroad. We pull out all the stops.


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