Our Values

The Republic Of Experience is the Corporate Event Experience Revolution!

We are so much more than just another company, we are a movement. We are rising up against the oppression of experiences, defying the longstanding norms that exist all around us today. We are disrupting out dated industries like the events sector, where real experiences have been overlooked for too long. We are the change that is needed.

This is something we are extremely passionate about. Experiences are unlike anything else in life because they require us to spend our most precious of resources – time. You can’t earn more time. You can’t get a refund on time. Time spent, is time gone. Bad Experiences therefore don’t have an excuse, they shouldn’t exist.

We see it as our duty to make Republic of Experience the place where this is the case – where you can spend your time in the security that it will not be wasted. Even more, where you can spend your time knowing it will result in memories and moments to last a lifetime.


Our Philosophy

We have built our company on four main philosophies

1.  Success for R.O.E. can only come from success for our clients. We guarantee full commitment to each project, where every client can rest assured that there will be an experience manager dedicated 24/7 to their event.

2.  The solutions to our clients’ needs are not necessarily contained in the tried and tested norms. We constantly push the boundaries, promising to provide the perfect answers to our clients’ questions, and not just the most obvious ones.

3. If the client feels something is worth doing, then we will find a way to do it. Once the client gives us their vision, we will do our utmost to try to make even the impossible possible.

4. Our people are our greatest asset. We are people based and people focused, with a diverse collective skillset like no other – what we believe makes us the best team in the industry.


Have an event in mind? Looking to create something experiential for your attendees? Contact us by email or phone now to discuss on 01 5685985